# 1 Book Review

…The artful photographs are complemented by the writer’s razor-sharp wit and sense of the absurd,
making the final composition a delightful read.
…The writing, by Fern Goodman, gives to the picture of each dog, not only its identity, but
a special luminescence. Some descriptions make us laugh, others make us think, and all are
perfectly phrased to encapsulate and illuminate the picture before us. Each photo/story is
compelling yet rapidly traced, like an old-fashioned zoetrope, where we are amazed and
transfixed by the moving images. Each story takes hold and reminds us, once again, that people
who love dogs and write about them surely deserve our highest regard. For they are the ones who
translate our feelings, which would otherwise go unexpressed and leave us hollow, unable to
explain this extraordinary, time-honored relationship, the one that exists between each of us who
ever had, and loved, a dog.
If you love dogs, photography or just the joy of the well-written word, Captured is a book
you must have, to keep, to savor and enjoy, to return to again and again.

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Soon to be released book-Captured….the look of the dog
Authors: Fern Goodman and Gloria Yarina
“Re-bark-able” -CH Fortunetellers First Knight, Nigel (Black Standard Poodle)
“Simply De-bite-ful” -Stucky Sims (Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Fresno Bully Rescue)
“A Grrrrreat read” -Elvis ( Hound dog interviewed on the Las Vegas Strip)
Includes eye catching photographs and short treats to read and roll over again and again. Tales and photos by two dog lovin’ sisters.

Vampire Profession

vampire I had a thought at my recent dental visit.
A great profession for a Vampire would be an after hours hygienist.
What an easy way for Vampires to obtain and collect blood!
My gums bleed quite a bit during a cleaning. The blood could be sucked away to some magical storage for later consumption.

what do ya think?