fns lily (2)it’s possible to meet the love of your current life on a dating website!
How long it will last has yet to be determined. I say CURRENT life because I believe we have different needs at different stages in our life. A connected relationship is a beautiful thing indeed.


muscBeen going to the gym x3 a week for 6 months. not intense work outs, but have gained muscle and maintain.
kicked around in the pool x3 day in one week for 10 -20 min and lost more weight and felt better immediately. finding-pool good.

Nail Polish

I discovered that Wet n Wild 1 step Gel nail polish in fact does not chip after 2 days like other nail polish! So far it has been on 8 days…I am a picker and if there is one chip I will rip it until the entire nail is picked clean like a buzzard on a turkey carcass.

iced coffee

needs to contain ice, but not too much. So difficult for DnD employees to get the right amount. Actual anecdote.
Customer: just a little ice please
Dnd Employee:”sure, no problem”
there was no ice in the iced coffee
a few minutes later, same Customer to a different Dnd Employee:
“can I have just a little ice in this cup”
Dnd Employee:”absolutely, no problem.”
Sound of TWO large scoops of ice being dumped into maybe an inch 1/2 of coffee.
Dnd Employee to herself: “I think i put too much ice in” as she hands cup to Customer.
Customer shaking head: “thank you”
Dnd Employee delighted with herself: “Your welcome, have a nice day.”

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No Cure

With every breath I take
You are here, in, and around me.
Each moaning sound I make
Is because I hunger to be free.

I shed tears at the sudden ticklish strife
Your divisive dust, sprinkled imperceptibly
How did I allow you again into my life?
A character who inflicts with obvious glee.

You attempt to silence my rasping voice
As I drench you with therapeutic tea.
Buzzing fills my ears whilst you rejoice
I recognize you are deaf to my plea.

I must hold you at bay from my heart, my chest.
The hurt could endure, followed by a slow recovery.
Your essence obstructs my nose, I long to rest
Comfortably in the fetal position of an unborn baby.

In solace, I’m not alone or even your first
Your strength is our weakness, the entry key
Was it a kiss, a touch, to satisfy your thirst?
There are far too many tormented, an infinite we.

I thought I could escape, my immune system pure.
No shot, pill, or faux remedy has the sway to impede
The ravages of your viral potency, there is no cure.
Reluctantly, to the dynamics of the Common Cold, I concede!

Fern Goodman