WID (What I Discovered)

Latest discovery is on top:
AARP auto insurance is $321.00 MORE a year than my current insurance (Southern Auto-Owners) for the same coverage! no perks #ripoff

elli Quark German style yogurt
I’m not going to say I’m lactose intolerant because I dont like to use the word intolerant, I’ll say dairy is not always friendly to me.
Sometimes I feeel like havin me some yogurt. I tried this Quark yogurt still with live active cultures, some non-fat, lots of protein and it was good.
No added sugar is a plus for me. It is a smooth light taste but very creamy. It was a 3-fer sale so I tried Vanilla, Lemon, and Brownie Batter. #Satisfiedme.

Lume deodorant
Yes, I took one for the team and tried it. Night sweats make me wake up stankie sometimes and I cant have that soooooo I tried it. Doesnt stop ya from allowing the sweaty toxins out but ya dont smell. A tad pricey but the shit works. I ordered unscented to try, then they offered a sale on the scented kind so I indulged. #Melikey.

Readers Digest revisited
Much thinner than the old days, but great in the commode library!#onthecan

A natural laxative found in South Africa. No joke. No cramps. It works, my peeps #poop

Gluten Free and dairy free means no more bloating. I switched cold turkey for 3 weeks, now I occasionally eat gluten and dairy and still feel unbloatacious #nocleliac