FernGroz Arts

ALL art is one-of-a-kind, made from upcycled, repurposed items…secured to random wood pieces, “colorized” with make-up (no paints) and sealed with a semi-gloss hardener. Signed by the artist (me) on a piece of (my grandmother’s) Royal Worchester China from England. Custom or abstract designs for sale.  Add a name to  personalize for FREE on a piece of china. Shipping is free. (Customized items featured here are for demonstration and cannot be purchased.)

Easels are sold separately for $5.00.  For Custom designs, send photo and we can discuss price starting at $100.00

Contact me to Customize your PET

this was a custom order for pet “FRED” Contents: shredded music book strips = fur, felt eyes, and a bling-out earring =nose. In addition to make-up shading, Fred also has a glitter sheen to his coat. 

Custom birthday present for “Dawn” Contents: face and neck= quilled magazine strips, eyebrows=gold chain, eyes=beads, nose=key, mouth=rubber band, teeth=shells from beach, earrings=earrings, and hair is hardened fabric.

Custom birthday present for “Mary”

Custom birthday present for “Keri”

READY TO SHOP? Contact me for custom orders

RYDER will listen to your problems. Contents-Shredded paper, fabric tongue for sale $55. Size is 6 inches wide by 11.5 inches in total height. 

Ryder from the back on old Neiman Marcus cutting board. 

Hang from hole in cutting board and personalize name.


Personalize name for Ryder:

PYPER-Russian Blue kitty for sale $55 white oak sample that is stained a light taupe


Personalize name for Pyper:

Size is 6inches tall by 8inches wide. No need to Frame, ready to personalize and hang.

A Lucky LOGGY made of paper rolls, old CD’s = windows, sand paper for door, and semi-precious lapis stones, one gold bead, and a turquoise turtle. $90

Back of log cabin ready to hang.

Customize name for Log Cabin:

TREESCAPE/Paper n Pearls is Whimsy and Free. $95. Angled at 18.5 inches by 12 inches tall Ready to hang this Mahogany shelf Tree. Sea pearls can be seen before the coloring of the leaves with eye shadow pencils and lipstick.

You can choose not to personalize Treescape

Personalize name for Treescape

before the make-up is added…easy to find the pearls

DYLIND represents a playful strength. His face and neck= quilled magazine strips, eyebrows, hair and beard are feathers, eyes are cardboard, eyeballs are beads, mouth is chain and paper, nose includes beads and eye screws, ears are metal charm fish.

 Personalize name for Dylind

Dylind is on a wood look vinyl of a grey color. He can be personalized…$60

At 6 wide x 8 inches tall this piece is not ready to hang

CYONEE represents WONDER and PEACE with a face of quilled magazine strips, eyes are Chinese coins and beads, mouth is a metal, nose is a solid malachite stone and a peace charm, the blonde and purple hair is hardened fabric tied with a red silk bow.

Cyonee is on a wood look vinyl of a grey color and can be personalized…$60 She needs no frame and is not ready to hang, but fits in an easel nicely.


Personalize name for Cyonee:

BYANET is the face of HOPE and meant to INSPIRE. Contents: face and hair is made up of quilled magazine strips, eyebrows =metal chain, eyes are cardboard, eyeballs are earring backs, mouth is a crystal piece, nose is a key, ears are key chains, with charms hanging from ears.

Byanet can be personalized $85

She had personality and is on a wood look vinyl of a taupe color.

At 6x8inches, she fits perfectly on an easel.
Personalize name for Byanet

Joy represents a universal or undefined Joy of inclusivity. Just Joy!

Beaded hair and eyes, rainbow forehead and a peace bead nose.

Angled at 18.5 inches tall by 12 inches wide, this Mahogany shelf is ready to hang. $95

adjustable easel raw wood

You receive sealed easel $5

ART made from Minute Maid Lemon Juice containers

Tree Wise Women

Tree Wise Women-Inspiration, Faith, and Lucy

Adorned with paper, fabric and recycled materials.

Message me for details, candles not for sale.