fns lily (2)it’s possible to meet the love of your current life on a dating website!
How long it will last has yet to be determined. I say CURRENT life because I believe we have different needs at different stages in ourĀ life. A connected relationship is a beautiful thing indeed.


muscBeen going to the gym x3 a week for 6 months. not intense work outs, but have gained muscle and maintain.
kicked around in the pool x3 day in one week for 10 -20 min and lost more weight and felt better immediately. finding-pool good.

Nail Polish

I discovered that Wet n Wild 1 step Gel nail polish in fact does not chip after 2 days like other nail polish! So far it has been on 8 days…I am a picker and if there is one chip I will rip it until the entire nail is picked clean like a buzzard on a turkey carcass.

iced coffee

needs to contain ice, but not too much. So difficult for DnD employees to get the right amount. Actual anecdote.
Customer: just a little ice please
Dnd Employee:”sure, no problem”
there was no ice in the iced coffee
a few minutes later, same Customer to a different Dnd Employee:
“can I have just a little ice in this cup”
Dnd Employee:”absolutely, no problem.”
Sound of TWO large scoops of ice being dumped into maybe an inch 1/2 of coffee.
Dnd Employee to herself: “I think i put too much ice in” as she hands cup to Customer.
Customer shaking head: “thank you”
Dnd Employee delighted with herself: “Your welcome, have a nice day.”