Another book review whoo hoo

Captured…The Look of the Dog.

OK maybe not one of our normal posts but this book was sent to me to review by a dear friend and I have to say it is the cutest book, Really! It couldn’t be posted at a better time with Christmas right around the corner. It is a MUST HAVE for any dog lover. You know you have someone right now on your list and you have no idea what they get them. Well do they love dogs? Buy the book. You can get it from Amazon or Barnes n Nobles.

Now onto the good stuff – what was it like your probably asking by now. The book is made up of a bunch of little stories kind if in the same manner of Chicken Soup for the Soul type, but not only can dog lovers relate to each story they can vividly imagine it all playing out the way it’s written. Most are written in the minds of the dogs and some in the owners. It is a book to keep your attention with stories being one page to several pages, but it is just enough to make you wish there was more, but leaving you satisfied.

I loved “Show Girl” with her sassy attitude and “King Size Optimist” really hit me hard as I see this one way too often in rescue. But it was really precious. “Poo Diddy Po” was so funny but “He Only Peed” really took the cake. LOL Yes you will also laugh out loud!! “Get a Lil Chi” is how I feel with my own Min Pin and that story was told in the correct light, I might add. The “Wise Guy” story was good and one that is probably too often played out but I just loved the ending. Love happy endings.

I really like the sense of reality that comes with each story. I personally like books I can relate to something within it. Most of these I have either seen, experienced, know someone who has, head about it or I’m sure will go through it at some point. It kept my interest and made me wonder what the next story was about. I just had to read one more, ok just one more, and another until I had to put it down to tend to everyday life. Bummer!

One more story worth mentioning as there are so many in there, but “The Right Match” is about rescue. Being in rescue we do home visits and talk to foster parents, well this story really puts it into perspective what the foster parents really do but in such a small amount of space they really get the point across. It makes you sad and happy but you really get that understanding. Some people take fosters for granite, but they are truly the glue to an entire rescue. Without them in most cases there would be no rescue!


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